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Ebay Launches Mobile Site Ebay has become on of the largest brands to launch a direct consumer mobile strategy in launching its mobile site.  Simply text "EBAY MOBILE" to 87222. The SMS text message we send you will cost £0.10 (Vodafone users are charged £0.12). When you receive the SMS, just select the URL in the message and it will open in your phone's browser. NetBeans IE 5.0 and Mobility Pack Beta Available The beta version of NetBeans IDE 5.0 and Mobility Pack is available for free download from the NetBeans website. You can create end-to-end solutions, from J2ME and J2EE to mobile internet web services (for example IPX, Ericsson’s Internet Payment eXchange) using NetBeans IDE 5.0 and Mobility Pack. Several new features are being offered, including an improved mobile client-to-web-application-connection generator. BBC Offers Simple Guide to RSS as It Grows U... (more)

Jim Liddle's Symbian Blog: Are These Black Days for BlackBerry?

Are These Black Days for BlackBerry? Canadian firm Research in Motion, maker of the popular handheld phone device that is BlackBerry, has been rocked by a 4 year old lawsuit that has resurfaced.  It is potentially so grave that industry watchers are openly questioning the firms survival propsects. Gartner, for example, has warned its customers to avoid deploying or investing in BlackBerry until the case is settled. The case goes back to 2002 when the intellectual property frim NTP launched a lawsuit against RIM, the basis of which was a patent on a handheld email device.  The law... (more)

Move Over Skype, Hello Jajah!

Jim Liddle's Blog Now everyone knows about VOIP, and everyone knows about Skype. Skype is pretty useful if you are doing Skype to Skype calls or even Skype to phone calls from your desk. Currently however mobile Skype just does not cut it...  It doesn’t work over GPRS, barely over 3G (if you can get a consistent decent signal) and Wi Fi hot spots are not always easy to find and still tend to be not free and quite expensive. What is needed is something simple and easy to use. What is needed is something like Jajah. Jajah was founded by Daniel Mattes and Roman Scharf.  It is ... (more)

Space Based Programming in .NET

At a recent Skills Matter event in the UK Goyko Adzic presented  for over an hour on Space Based programming in .Net. The slides are embedded below, but as this blog is syndicated and sometimes the slides get stripped out, you can find them here. Space Based Programming View more presentations from gojkoadzic. You can also view the Video of the presentation directly on Goyko’s blog here. As a follow up to GigaSpaces XAP for .net I’d suggest you look at: Space Task and Distributed Space Tasks also known as Map Reduce in XAP.NET .NET local cache is out Ultra fast local cache implement... (more)

Amazon S3 vs Amazon EBS on the Elastic Cloud

Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) is a new type of storage designed specifically for Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS allows you to create volumes that can be mounted as devices by EC2 instances. Amazon EBS volumes behave as if they were raw unformatted external hard drives and can be formatted using a file system such as ext3 (Linux) or NTFS (Windows) and mounted on an EC2 instance; files are accessed through the file system . They have user supplied device names and provide a block device interface. For a 20 GB volume, Amazon estimates an annual failure rate for EBS volu... (more)